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Hello!  My name is Bece (bc) and I love to move.  I am a Level 3 Franklin Method® Educator, and a yoga teacher with over 500 hours of certified teacher training hours and 4 certificates.  Think of me as your movement guide, simply reminding the body that movement can be playful! If you are interested in taking a movement class via Zoom, click this button: 

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My Mission is to create feelings of ease, joy and happiness in the body.  A happy body creates a happy person.  A happy person creates a happy community.  A happy community creates a happy world!

Opportunites for Movement

Fitness - Healthy Aging with Movement & Yoga

Hour-long in-person classes at the Woodstock Community Center on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Perfect for all ages and fitness levels, this joyful Franklin Method™ inspired class combines exercises, functional effective movement, imagery, and yoga to improve health. Focus is on the body functions to strengthen, release tension and improve well-being.

Click for details and sign-up:

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What is Franklin Method®?

The Franklin Method® is a ground-breaking training technique – helping you unlock your body’s full potential through exercise, imagery and anatomical understanding based on the Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagination (DNI)™.

Find out more at:

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"Demonstrations with the skeleton and joint function give me a better picture of how my body moves.


Using metaphors helps me focus on the more subtle qualities of action.

I encourage you to give yourself the gift of her teaching!"


"Thank you for dedication to us, your students.

Your gentle direction and instructions have helped me feel stronger and more flexible, with a better understanding of my body and bones.

You are appreciated!"


"Bece’s warmth and love of teaching is infectious - even through Zoom classes!  


She is so skilled as an instructor, I feel like she is in my home, gently cuing and improving my movements.


I truly feel lucky to have found such a unique, knowledgeable, fun and kind teacher."

Linda W.

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