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Yoga and Movement Teacher

Hello! My name is Bece Kidder. I am a certified yoga teacher with more than 500 hours of training, and I just completed my Franklin Method® Level 3 certification.

I started a movement practice at the age of two.  My mom was a dance teacher and I learned ballet, tap dancing and baton twirling at her studio.  I was most passionate with the baton and I twirl it to this day. I discovered at a young age that my body was meant to move, and understood/understand and feel that I was/am a happier, healthier person when I move my body, whether it was sports, dance, yoga, taiji, play, etc.

My goal in teaching yoga and movement is to help others along with their own unique movement journey, and to inspire joy through movement along the way.  I love to teach!


Move your body on your schedule from the comfort of your home.


Movement can be playful....meant to inspire

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