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Enjoy the Pause

It's February and nature is beginning to stir. Plants push through the cold soil, the buds are swelling and there a even some very early blooming flowers emerging with bright, cheery color. Yes, Spring is on its way. But as I write this under the February full moon, called the snow moon by the way, I take pause and remember that it's still winter. Some of the days are warm, but quite a few are still freezing. Let's take this time to recharge for the upcoming seasons. Make yourself some warming, nourishing soup. Feel free to take naps, and relaxing baths. You still have time to wear those thick, cuddly socks, sit by the fire or wrap yourself in a warm blanket as you read and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea. In other words, winter is far from over. Enjoy this opportunity to rest and reset. Let's pause before the world comes to life, and you are off and running with the long and adventurous days ahead.

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