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Welcome....a bit about me.

Thanks for joining me on this movement journey!

I have been practicing movement since I was two. My mom started to teach me ballet, tap dancing and baton. Baton was what I truly loved and stuck with it. I was the only baton twirler in the small town of Ellensburg, Washington, and so I became the

high school majorette when I began the 6th grade until high school graduation.

I always loved sports of any kind. I was a tomboy, and would play any game that was going on near me. In junior high on into high school my competitive sports were tennis, swimming and bowling, yes, bowling. I was number one at bowling!

When I got older, I had less of a movement practice. I did yoga here and there, but not continuously. At the age of 30, I became very interested in taiji and was a very diligent practitioner learning three styles, and many forms including the straight sword, broadsword and staff, and a bit of the fan. I even went on a two-week study trip with my taiji school to China, which was quite amazing. I still practice taiji, but my movement focus is always evolving.

in 2008, I became very interested in yoga and began a regular practice. I then discovered aerial yoga, and I was in love! It is so interesting to be able to move your body without the constraints of the ground getting in the way. I became a certified aerial yoga instructor, and then I received my 500 hours of yoga teacher training the following couple years. I have since received a second aerial yoga training, in Hawaii!

And now the journey brings my to Franklin Method (FM), which actually is really the culmination of all my various movement practices and it enhances and improves each and every movement modality that I teach. After my first class, I knew this was my path. After many years of FM practice, I joined the FM Level 1 teacher training, and the rest is history. After a long training, we started in February of 2020 and the next week everything was shut down due to COVID-19, myself and my cohorts graduated this May of 2021 via Zoom. It was long a drawn out, but I couldn't be happier.

Like I said, thanks for joining me, and I hope I can be of assistance along your movement journey!

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